IBBRA wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of our certified members and sponsors

Our Valued 2018-19 Sponsors


IBBRA wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of our certified members and sponsors. Becoming an IBBRA sponsor helps ensure the quality of our educational services while extending their reach across many different programs and economic development efforts. Through our product sponsorship program, you can contribute to the education and awareness campaigns that we bring to schools, churches, businesses, and families, thereby helping to prevent thousands of potential bed bug victims. We also help victims make the right choices when treating an existing infestation.

 IBBRA has positioned itself as a strategic resource partnership between consumers, pest-control operators, bed bug product manufacturers, and industry experts. Our education campaigns focus on the “do it yourself” segment among the general public. The use and over-use of toxic products is a growing concern. We help people recognize what not to do and direct them to safe alternatives. Many institutions in the hospitality and multi-unit property industries lack standard operating procedures and proactive preventative protocols for bed bugs, so increased awareness is greatly needed. IBBRA has created industry-leading protocols, including the industry’s first “Three Step Program” that helps both consumers and business owners properly address and solve bed bug issues (see our Layered Defense Strategy for more details).

 Your sponsorship allows IBBRA to continue to expand our outreach, to maintain our leadership in the development of new bed bug educational materials and protocols, and to help bring bed bug relief to pest-management professionals, hotels, low-income housing operators, property managers, businesses, and the general public.

 To become a sponsor of the International Bed Bug Resource Authority or for more information, please call at 888-966-2332.