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The benefits available to IBBRA members will take your business to the next level.

Does your pest-control company have what it takes to become IBBRA-certified?

IBBRA membership can increase your business and help you make a difference in the lives of people suffering from bed bugs. IBBRA works with global partners as a leading resource and authority on bed bugs. We provide education, products, and services that meet stringent core requirements.

 Why are companies turning to IBBRA as a business partner?

IBBRA is comprised of seasoned and experienced professionals who have united to combat the global bed bug pandemic. Our advisory team consists of the world’s top bed bug remediation professionals and bed bug experts. IBBRA raises awareness about bed bugs in communities across the globe and provides education to people who are suffering from the impact of bed bug infestations.

 By becoming an IBBRA member, you are letting your customers know that your company is eliminating bed bug infestations using safe and effective practices along with the most comprehensive educational resources and tools available.

 Members must meet IBBRA’s strict requirements and must agree to abide by our policies and code of professional ethics (see Membership Qualifications and Policies Requirements). Customers appreciate that service professionals who are members of IBBRA meet high standards of quality and customer service.

IBBRA members have access to all of the following great benefits:

  • Participation in IBBRA’s global network. With your proven bed bug skills, knowledge, and exceptional bed bug elimination services, you become a part of and an extension of IBBRA’s worldwide network. Your contribution to bed bug awareness will get you noticed as an industry leader in your area.
  • Discounts on certified products. You will have access to discounts on tested and IBBRA approved bed bug products for your company and clients. Our combined purchasing power enables us to pass savings on to your company.
  • Resources. All members have access to FREE peer-reviewed training materials from trusted resources.
  • Spotlight. Our members have opportunities to promote their business in online spotlight articles that provide content from your business.
  • Lead generation. IBBRA gives members access to a lead generation platform where quality leads will be directed to your website and/or phone number.
  • Discounted marketing platforms. Your membership will also give you access to highly discounted web content marketing and social media management services.

Making a difference with IBBRA Membership!

IBBRA membership will connect you to a network of top notch industry professionals from all over the world. Our members include risk management professionals, research experts, leading entomologists, experienced bed bug litigation attorneys, and renowned bed bug consultants. We share treatment findings, industry trends, educational resources, and new solutions. Together, we will help keep your company at the leading edge of bed bug remediation.

The IBBRA code of ethics

All IBBRA members agree to:

  • Diligently uphold IBBRA’s integrity and standards;
  • Maintain a high level of professional integrity and moral responsibility;
  • Attend to the needs of all members and their clients;
  • Cooperate in the exchange of knowledge and solutions;
  • Strive for congruent educational peer-reviewed materials;
  • Develop and build international awareness of bed bug prevention and treatment; and
  • Practice honesty and fairness in all advertising and business transactions.

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