A potential customer has just discovered what they think are bed bugs in their home and wants them gone now. They are likely very upset by the discovery and will probably be difficult to reassure, but it is important that you manage their expectations for how you can help them before you do anything. This will ensure that the customer knows exactly what the process will be so they don’t expect more than you can deliver.


What Your Customers Need to Know

Before you make the journey to their home to start the bed bug eradication process, there are some things your customers need to know.

Firstly, you need to be sure that what they have is in fact bed bugs as they can be confused with other bugs. You should provide them with information on how to identify bed bugs whether that be through your website, an external source, or a guide booklet emailed to them.

They also need to be informed that the infestation may be more widespread than they think as visual inspections are not always sufficient to determine the actual extent.

You should then go through your treatment procedures and the terms within your service agreement so that they know exactly what will be happening and when, and how they can get ready for your arrival.

It is also important that you be ready to answer any questions on your specific eradication methods as they may have already been in contact with other pest management companies that use different products or do things a little differently.


Give Them the Whole Truth

If you give your customers a treatment warranty of any kind, you need to tell your customers from the start that this does not guarantee that all bed bugs will be eradicated after only one treatment.

You need to make known that bed bugs are particularly hard to get rid of and explain why: they can hide in even the smallest of spaces, one female bed bug can carry hundreds of babies, they can survive for over a year without food, and they easily adapt to their environment.

You should inform your customer that they should be wary of any pest management company that claims to eliminate bed bugs in only one treatment as this promise cannot be made…by anyone.

Finally, make sure that the customer does not move anything from room to room or throw anything out. Both actions will basically guarantee the spread of bed bugs throughout the home when they otherwise might have been contained to one or two rooms. Also, make clear not to try and get rid of the bed bugs themselves as many products such as pesticides or rubbing alcohol can make both humans and pets very sick and/or be highly flammable.



Taking the time to manage your customers’ expectations for bed bug eradication is a very important step to ensure that you cover yourselves and that the customer will be happy with your treatment process.

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