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As a combined family owned business, our mission is to provide the most effective solution to eliminate your bed bud infestation at an affordable cost through our multiple services.
Story on how we got started: As friends, we would frequently get together and share stories on experiences we had faced that previous week. The topic of bed bugs started to surface more often. Whether it was stories about other employees seeing them out in the field or hearing about it on the news, to actually experiencing infestations at personal investment properties. And as do it yourself consumers, we started researching cost effective solutions to eliminating these pests, and we just couldn’t find anything in this area. All the professionals had $1,000 minimum heat treatments and quotes of over $3,000 to do a heat treatment or even $300 per room to spray a chemical treatment. That’s when we discovered Convectex, and we knew we could bring their technology to our area to help our local community tackle this bed bug problem. So we flew out to Prescott, Arizona and attended the North American Bed Bug Training Center. Now we have the knowledge and equipment to assist our community of Northeast Ohio in killing bed bugs at an affordable price.
~ Brett and Ryan, Owners