Providing Smart & Safe Bed Bug Solutions

How We Make A Difference

Bed bugs are continuing to spread worldwide. As their pesky presence increases, so have consumer demands for effective solutions. Our dedicated industry leadership provides relief to bed bug victims worldwide. Whether you need professional intervention or prefer to do it yourself, we are here to help.

IBBRA serves as an authoritative voice for consumers and professionals alike in bed bug education and removal. We seek to provide education and global public awareness about bed bugs and to improve bed bug victims’ quality of life.


Early Detection & High-Quality Treatment Are Key to Effective Bed Bug Control

Our Teams

Our teams include the most talented and experienced bed bug professionals in the world. All of our experts go through a rigorous selection process and meet stringent core requirements. They are dedicated professionals who provide heightened awareness in their communities about bed bug prevention and treatment and strive to relieve the suffering of those impacted by bed bugs.

Service Board

Our service board is comprised of world-renowned entomologists, doctors, and scientists who are dedicated to bed bug research, education, prevention, and eradication.

Certified Service Providers

Our certified service providers are experienced professionals who are experts at bed bug eradication. They have are state-licensed and insured and prioritize customer service on a level that sets them apart from others. Above all, they are caring and trustworthy professionals.

Legal Advisors

Our legal advisors are experienced in bed bug–related lawsuits. Contact them to find out if you have a legal case against a negligent party.

Canine Inspection Teams

Our canine inspection teams represent some of the best-trained K-9 teams in the industry. They are a valuable component of our work and help us identify bed bugs’ hiding places and ensure their complete eradication. All of our K-9 teams have been certified by qualified professionals.

Sales & Marketing

Your IBBRA membership includes access to many sales and marketing benefits to help your company grow. From lead generation to targeted ads and even equipment and marketing assistance, our team works hard and values each member.

Certified Bed Bug Heater Rentals

Bed bug heat treatments are widely known as the fastest and most effective option to kill bed bugs.  Heat equipment rentals are perfect for the do-it-yourself individual on a budget. Check out our heat equipment rental–provider list to find a provider near you.



IBBRA Approved Bed Bug Products 

The most crucial component to prevent infestations from growing is knowing what does and doesn’t work. Our approved products provide smart solutions for every stage of the bed bug remediation process. We take the guesswork out by carefully testing all of our products for effectiveness. The result: you won’t waste your money on products that don’t work.


Layered Defense Strategy

Our Layered Defense Strategy is now embraced across the world. It consists of a 3-step process: Educate, Evaluate, and Initiate. After teaching you about proper bed bug prevention and eradication methods, we evaluate your situation and then help you initiate a plan of action to eradicate an infestation. Don’t suffer through an infestation by making uninformed guesses about how to kill bed bugs. Our certified providers know what does and doesn’t work and will work with you to eliminate your bed bug problem.